Creating Value for the Society and Meeting Our Commitment

We are proud to support community organizations working in the fields of nutrition, education, youth, care, and sports. We also support the development of a national Palestinian economic identity through our imports and exports from/to over 30 countries in regional and international markets.

Sinokrot Holding’s Code of Ethics and Social Accountability Brought a Socio-Economic Impact to Palestine.

Education and youth

“Sinokrot Holding” has been granting students in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip several annual scholarships to join the Palestinian universities. For example, “Sinokrot Holding” offers 15-20 scholarships annually to Al-Quds University students, and also sponsors many events, as it sponsored the graduation ceremony for students of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University in the year 2015, and sponsored student events and shopping festivals in schools and universities in the city of Jerusalem and the various cities of the West Bank. Sinokrot Holding also worked on establishing and operating computer laboratories in many schools and summer camps.
To support the youth, “Sinokrot Holding” works in partnership with the Education for Employment Foundation to support social activities concerned with improving the professional and operational performance of youth. It provides educational gifts to students and the administrative and technical staff of Sinokrot Holding makes periodic visits to the Children’s Hospital, in addition to its support for the initiative to raise awareness about the importance of work cooperation among Palestinian youth. “Sinokrot Holding” also trains and qualifies university students, especially students of the dual studies program at Al-Quds University.

For sound nutrition

Over the past six years, Sinokrot Holding launched several specialized campaigns aimed at improving the level of nutrition among children in Palestine. The first campaign started with providing sound nutrition to about 2000 Palestinian children, and the last campaign ended with providing sound nutrition for about 20,000 Palestinian children. These campaigns aimed to fight anemia resulting from malnutrition due to the lack of iron in protein in red blood cells, in response to the findings of the World Health Organization in a research conducted in 2013, where the researchers concluded that more than 80% of children in the Gaza Strip suffer from Anemia resulting from malnutrition (anemia). The laboratories of the food manufacturing companies in “Sinokrot Holding” immediately took the initiative, with the participation of international nutrition experts, such as the global expert Mr. Omar Dari, to conduct experiments on wafer products that contain vitamins and minerals that the child needs during his various stages of growth, the Palestinian Ministry of Health supervised the project, as Dr. Mona Abu Ramadan oversaw on the implementation of the project in the Gaza Strip, where the experiments gave amazing results, as the random blood samples that were examined before the project implementation indicated that the hemoglobin level in Blood in children is (9) and has reached (14) after implementing the project. Moreover, the subsidiary companies of Sinokrot Holding still provide the institutions concerned with providing sound nutrition for the child with parcels containing basic products and foodstuffs, and “Sinokrot Holding” also supports programs for the culture of safe food through many initiatives aimed at educating children in schools as well as parents about the need to raise children on sound food.

Supporting entrepreneurs

“Sinokrot Holding” works to support Palestinian entrepreneurs in starting their projects by providing them with the necessary knowledge and available expertise accumulated over the years, and the financial support necessary to launch their entrepreneurial projects, as well as by providing them with equipment, places/workshops and other means that help their projects to emerge.

Supplying the needy with food

“Sinokrot Holding” continuously works to supply the needy, including needy families, with the main food by distributing food parcels within certain campaigns, including the Ramadan Al-Khair campaign, Baraem Al-Khair campaign, and other campaigns, in cooperation with the official and popular institutions and bodies operating in Palestine and the Palestine refugee camps in the diaspora


“Sinokrot Holding” works to encourage sports culture in Palestine because of its positive role in preserving the health of the Palestinian people, its great benefits to the mind, and in terms of discharging negative energy and other benefits, as “Sinokrot Holding” supports sports activities through its sponsorship of many activities of local sports clubs such as Silwan Football Club, Al Quds Sports Club, Jericho Equestrian Club, Al Hilal Club in Jerusalem and Al Nuseirat Club in Gaza and others. “Sinokrot Holding” also periodically sponsors the annual marathon that is held in the Bethlehem governorate, in addition to the sporadic sports activities that are held locally, including car racing and other sports activities.

The health

“Sinokrot Holding” permanently provides annual financial donations to support the Palestinian health sector in cooperation with health institutions operating in Palestine. “Sinokrot Holding” has granted donations to equip several medical rooms in some local hospitals with all supplies and medical devices and to rehabilitate them. During the Corona pandemic, “Sinokrot Holding” doubled its donations to the health sector in cooperation with the relevant institutions, in addition to supporting the health awareness campaigns carried out by “Sinokrot Holding” in all health events, including spreading awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, and other health events. However, the internal environment of the headquarters and the offices of “Sinokrot Holding” are a healthy, smoke-free environment, except for the smoking areas designated for that. Thus, “Sinokrot Holding” and its subsidiaries are the main supporters for combating smoking.